Services We Provide

There are those times when you need a helping hand.  You are not alone. I
can help you with the physical and emotional issues that your animals or us
as owner have.
Reiki Crystal Healing
Animal Communication
Using Reiki treatments to help our pets when they need to have surgery.  Reiki is offered a few days before
surgery and for a few weeks after surgery. I work with the parents to let them know that all will be okay and
how the animals are here to help us learn life lessons. How our animals often take on our ailments to help us out
in any way they can. That is how much unconditional love they shower us with.

I have just gone through surgery with my own dog Tigger who had a growth on his back (2010). From start to
finish, it took 14 days and now he is all healed and back outside playing again. With the use of Reiki and
crystals, it speeds up the process.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

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