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Healing Hands - Animal Reiki Therapy
Nancy ,

Thank you so much for the info!  We have both carnelian and tiger’s eye so I’ll try
them.  I felt better after the Reiki you did and I’m grateful for your work.  And thanks
for the website as well.



My Father's Day with my family was so much more delightful.  If you hadn't come I would
have been afraid of every one touching or startling the bunnies.  Instead,  I let my nieces and
nephew hold them and play with them.   Bubba and Forrest really took an interest to my
niece, Loren, which was quiet enjoyable to see.  Every one in the family is enjoying the
bunnies more now after your visit.  

Thank you.  Your visit has made such a difference.

Christine S.
"Nancy is the most intuitive and loving animal healer,
she is really amazing with her gifts, a perfect clear divine channel.
Her unconditional love, kindness, and generosity make her the perfect divine
Also she is a wonderful artist, she makes beautiful jewelry full of love and pure
light energy that she also radiates always. I also tried the flea remedy that she is
offering currently, it really works!"

Uriel and Angela
Hello Nancy,

You did a Reiki "cleansing" on me on Saturday.  This was my first experience
with this and to my amazement, it worked. I had a eye that was very irritating
and I actually felt better after seeing you.  Also I felt very relaxed and content..

I look forward to working with you again.

I LOVED it!  

"Life isn't about how to survive the storm,
             but how to dance in the rain"

With your well wishes, along with the love I know she felt, I was able to spend
another two wonderful months with Cinnamon.  Unfortunately, I had to let her go about
three weeks ago.  It was a painful and extremely difficult decision, but the right one.  I
let her go on a high note, before the pain and suffering would have gotten to be too bad,
and stayed until the very end, just as I promised her.  I miss her terribly, but I will be
keeping her ashes in a frame box with her picture.  I will also be placing the pendant
you gave me on the frame.

Thank you again for that weekend in Pasadena.  I appreciate all of your help and I
know that even though she is not here physically, she will always be around me.

Thanks again.